Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Old Mr.Hogan - still biokinetically the soundest

All of us saw the famous "beach" clip where old Mr.Hogan shows how to swing to his friends. However, not many of us try to go deeper into his outstanding presentation and to find certain biokinetic lego pieces that were present in all post-secret swing motion of Ben Hogan.

I have already sacrificed some videos (published on YouTube) to these lego pieces describing them in detail on base of Mr.Hogan's (and also other greatest ballstrikers') action. Now, we can see the great man performing all of them even when showing his swing purposedly in a slo-mo ! Trigger compression, diagonal stance, biokinetical grip, firm rear side creation, swinging from the ground up, early elbow plane, etc. - all were there on the beach together with Mr.Hogan and are here with us all forever now.

Please watch this vid carefully:

 If anyone has still some doubts, now it is very easy to confront everything together. There is no bright future for the golf instruction without biokinetics and biomechanics. Mr.Hogan knew it as the first long time ago and became the best ballstriker in the history of golf. We are in the 21st century now and it is highest time to cut the horrible break and to start to continue Mr.Hogan's work in modern times.